My blog

With this blog I hope to encourage and help people with garden space to choose the right plants and group them to make attractive low maintenance planting displays.  Not only because they raise the charm and value of a property but gardening itself is great exercise and feel- good relaxing therapy which can be done on one’s own or as a family activity. Obviously there is the benefit to wildlife but also as plants mature they are one of the few of life’s investments that go up in value and when grouped well will give privacy, shelter and keep weeds down helping you look after your garden.

I am a professional gardener working mainly for private garden owners, sadly I am often asked by busy, and time starved professionals and retired people lacking energy to cover their gardens in gravel or bark with the occasional plant, rock or other feature protruding from the insipid desert. Gravel is a useful attractive product to complement and highlight paths and other features but I think it is all too often over used as a simple quick fix solution to simply and cheaply reduce the chore of garden maintenance.

This blog will show   how with a little inspiring guidance a different approach; investing early in our plant heritage, we can create more personalised, enjoyable and satisfying  low maintenance garden which will grow, mature and blossom with you .  So whatever your tastes cool calm and relaxing, warm and inviting, hot and vibrant or shocking fireworks of colour your idylic dream low maintenance garden is possible.